DIY Canvas Tree Skirt

While I was waiting to head back to NY for a while, I decided to just get a little tree for the apartment! I know I won’t be here for the holidays. But I needed a little something to start celebrating the holidays by decorating – one of my favorite things! Since bright red isn’t quite my style, (if you can believe that) I decided to whip up a mini DIY canvas tree skirt out of some scrap canvas. I was originally going to paint some patterns on it but after sewing it I decided I liked it better plain – all the focus on the tree!

And now I got some extra canvas to make one for our big tree at home too! I have been. using a faux fur chunk of fabric for the last few years but I think this would be a much better option. The stitching is very easy, so don’t be too intimidated if you don’t do much sewing. It was pretty easy – and if I can do it, so can you!

simple Christmas tree in white room
What you need for DIY Canvas Tree Skirt:

Follow the video below for step by step instructions!

close up of ornaments on Christmas tree
small Christmas tree with simple tree skirt

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