DIY Calendar

DIY Calendar @themerrythought Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been making a few calendars to give as Christmas presents and I’m kind of really into them! But… I might be keeping this one for myself.
DIY Calendar @themerrythought It’s pretty simple to make:
Print out each month on a piece of cardstock. (You can find free blank calendar downloads or design one of your own.) Then chop the papers so that they come to a point. Then sketch on a little image and text to go with each month. Clip it onto a vintage wooden pant hanger. (I usually find mine at thrift stores in our area.)
DIY Calendar @themerrythoughtDIY Calendar @themerrythought And now I’ve got a 2014 calendar hanging on my wall…. even though my mind is far from ready to admit that it’s just a couple weeks until we’re in 2014! Geez! I need to start my Christmas making/shopping still!

xo. Caitlin

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