DIY Bolo Tie.

IMG_6260 This DIY is a perfect gift to make for your dad this Father’s Day! I love how customizable they are. So many fun options for these!
IMG_4910IMG_4911IMG_4912DIY Bolo Tie | The Merrythought What you need:
-Some type of cord/string. I used leather lace, suede cord, and cotton cord.
-Something that you want as a pendant for your bolo. I used an old beer bottle cap, a piece of cut wood, and an old necklace pendant.
Bolo slide or you can make your own (I bent a piece of copper to make one – see photo.)
-Strong glue.
-Cap nuts or paint – depending on how you want to finish the ends of your tie.

How to make it:
-Glue the bolo slide to the back of your chosen pendant and let dry for your glue’s recommended time.
-Put cord through the bolo slide and tighten it so the pendant can slide when pulled but isn’t loose enough to slip.
-Glue cap nuts to the end of the cord. (This works well with the leather and suede. They weren’t big enough for the cotton cord, so I painted the tips copper and loved how they turned out!)
IMG_6237IMG_6234IMG_6235 Thanks to my dad and big brother, Zac, for attempting to be serious while modeling these. Being serious doesn’t come naturally…
IMG_6236 Ha! Love these two. 🙂

xo. Caitlin

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