DIY Alphabet Magnet Board

Continuing on with another last minute gift idea today! Since all of my friends and cousins are in full blown baby & toddler mode, I’ve been coming up with a lot of presents for kiddos lately because I’ve got more I can spoil every year! I decided to make a set of simple alphabet magnets for one of them and then ended up making a little board to go with it so it was portable and their mom didn’t have to have magnets covering the fridge! And now that it’s done I kind of want to keep it and use it as a magnetic letter board to put cute little phrases on!DIY Alphabet Magnet Board @themerrythoughtWhat you need:
1.5″ wood circles
-1″ black letter stickers
Mod Podge
-Paint brush
12″x18″ sheet metal
Hot glue gun

How to make it:
-Center and stick letter stickers on wood circles.
-Coat in Mod Podge and let dry.
-Secure magnets to the back using epoxy as directed.
-Cut a piece (or two) of fabric large enough to cover the metal sheet and fold over the edges.
**-Iron fabric if necessary.
-Lay fabric bottom facing up and put the metal sheet on top.
-Use epoxy around the sides of the metal and fold the fabric over and push in place. (Make sure it is pulled tightly.)
-Let dry.
**If you want an extra layer of fabric to help the edges not be as sharp or if the metal is showing through your fabric you can repeat the previous steps with the second piece of fabric but use hot glue along the back side to stick the fabric to the fabric you’ve already attached to the metal.
-I glued on a little leather tab to mine just because I liked the look. 🙂
DIY Alphabet Magnet Board @themerrythoughtDIY Alphabet Magnet Board @themerrythoughtDIY Alphabet Magnet Board @themerrythought-Caitlin

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