Christmas Tree in a Basket

We first shared our small Christmas tree in a basket back in 2015. We’ve continued to style our small Christmas tree in a similar way every year. And every holiday season we get a lot of questions about this tree in a basket, and we finally created a video to share the details behind this look.

You can see the various ways we’ve styled the Christmas tree in a basket over the years in the photos below. We’ve switched up our how to on getting the tree inside the basket a little bit over the years. We originally started with just placing the tree on an upside down bucket that was inside the basket. We now have a vintage enamel basin that fits perfectly inside the basket. The key is getting the tree at the right height inside the basket, and having something to catch any water spills from the tree stand.

small christmas tree in wicker basket with white fur blanket around it
christmas tree in basket with wreath on white wall
fireplace with greenery with small christmas tree next to
small christmas tree on bench next to branch on wall with 3d paper ornaments hanging from it
hallway with blanket ladder and small christmas tree in basket next to it

How to Create & Style a Christmas Tree in a Basket:

Watch the video to see how simple it is to create this look, and the steps are written below:

  • We use a wide basket for our tree, this one is from Target. Be sure it’s wide enough for your tree stand to fit in.⁣ Here are a few more basket options: one, two, three, four.
  • You’ll need some kind of container in the basket to catch water if it spills over. And to prop your tree up at the right height inside the basket.⁣ We use a vintage enamel basin (here’s a similar one). But we’ve used an upside down bucket with a shallow bowl on top in the past. 
  • And then a small tree; and yes, ours is a live, cut tree. We buy ours at Wegmans, our local grocery store…I’ve also seen them at Home Depot. The stand comes attached to the tree.⁣
  • This vintage basin is perfect for this basket. I can wedge it in without it sitting all the way at the bottom, so the tree sits high enough in the basket.⁣ Then the tree just sits inside the basin.
  • And for watering, we can easily lift the tree out and add water to the stand…the hardest part is remembering to do the watering! 😁
stairway with garland on it and bench with christmas tree in basket on it

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