Crafternoon: Tassel Keychains

Finalllly back with another Crafternoon idea! I had this idea months ago when everyone was first being quarantined at home and none of the supplies came in time. Ha! So this still works for anyone that is still social distancing as much as possible but still wants to spend some time with friends crafting and visiting over video chat or at the park. I had a couple friends over to hang out outside and craft with me because I already work with them and know they’re being cautious. But just make sure you’re making wise decisions and doing what you’re comfortable with!

tassel keychains

I decided to make these super easy tassel keychains because it was easy enough to get a bunch of supplies and then split it up in individual packages to drop off or ship to friends for socially distant crafting. I’ve included the step-by-step tutorial in the video below so you can see how to put it together!

What you need:

  • embroidery floss
  • thick rope
  • scissors
  • key ring

girls working on crafts
hands working on crafts
group of girls holding diy keychains

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