15 April Fool’s Day Pranks

Happy April Fool’s Day!! I’ve never been good at pulling pranks on people nor do I love being pranked but I saw a few ideas online last night that I thought were pretty good. So I thought I’d share a few!April Fool's Day Pranks @themerrythoughtMissing Drawers. Switch around dresser drawers. You could do this in the kitchen as well.
Shrunk Lunch. Make a mini lunch complete with tiny sandwich, cookie, and veggies!
Undrinkable juice. Put some jello in a few glasses and stick a straw in it for the kiddos.
Cereal Switch. Open brand new cereal boxes from the bottom, switch the bags, and re-glue the bottom shut.
Leeky Toilet. Tell someone there is a leak in the bathroom and set a leek on top of the toilet. I thought this was genius, plus it’s harmless, but it won’t work out so well if the person your pranking doesn’t know what a leek is. Or it might make it even more amusing to watch them search for a leak and wonder why there is a random vegetable on the toilet.
Sponge Cake. Put frosting over a sponge and leave it out to see who takes a bite.
Sugar & Salt. Sugar in the salt shaker and salt in the sugar bowl – it’ll make for some interesting meals throughout the day.
Eye Pad Gift. Tell a friend you got them an iPad and then give them a pad with some google eyes. Make it even better and take an old iPad box and put this little guy inside.
April Fool's Day Pranks @themerrythoughtOreo Treats. Scrape out the icing and fill them with some toothpaste.
Free Brownies. Make a pan of brown-e’s and leave them out with some aluminum foil over them.
Chocolate Egg. Dip a raw egg in melted chocolate and then wrap it in foil.
Numb Mouth. Put some Orajel in the bristles of a toothbrush.
Frozen Breakfast. Freeze your kiddos favorite cereal in some milk and pull it out of the freezer right before they come in to eat breakfast.
Shrunken Cinnamon Roll. Okay, I love the food ones. And this is just too cute.
And there’s always the classic, rubberband the spray nozzle on the sink.

Have you gotten pranked today or done any pranking? We’d love to hear about it!

xo. Caitlin

*Obviously some pranks can get out of hand – be sure that you think about age/allergies/etc. before pulling any pranks. Be smart and have fun!

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