How To Remove Dark Stains From Hardwood Floors

Today I’m sharing how to remove dark stains from hardwood floors! Okay, okay so I know this isn’t a typical post that you see from us but sometimes there are tricks in life that are too good not to share. Plus I thought this would be a good time to fill you all in on the new project I’ve been working on! At the end of May, my cousin bought a house! Anddd she’s going to be my new landlord! Ha!

So we’ve all been over there working on it as much as possible for the past couple months. Tearing down walls, painting new walls, sanding floors for hours… which brings me to this post. After we ripped out the most horrific, stained pink carpeting you’ve ever seen, and pulled up staples, used heat guns to scrape off ancient paint finish, then sanded the floor multiple times, we were left with a floor that had quite a few black stains throughout it. Some were from staples that had rusted into little black circles, some were from other unknown things.  I was working in the house last week with my uncle and he said he had read that hydrogen peroxide helps with stains on hardwood floors. He gave it a shot on a couple sections and I was honestly so amazed at how well it worked! I came over the next day to take photos of the other sections to give a before and after… which is right here! This is the before:
feet standing on hardwood floors with dark spots on wood

What you need:

-Hydrogen Peroxide
-Clean Cloth

How to remove dark stains from hardwood floors:

Soak cloth in some hydrogen peroxide and dab onto all of the dark spots. Then let this dry overnight and be amazed! Repeat as needed.
For larger, darker stains, you can leave a hydrogen peroxide soaked towel over the area for a few hours and then remove and let dry.

after image of hardwood floors with dark stains that have been removed

This is the after! ^ You guys! This was just one time of using hydrogen peroxide and it made an enormous difference – and took basically no effort at all. We went over everything a second time  (I didn’t get any pictures of that though!) and a bunch of the spots were nearly impossible to find afterwards. Then we did a quick sanding of the entire floor and we’ve been putting finish on the floor over the last few days.

Can’t wait to start sharing more of the projects we have planned!!!

xo. Caitlin

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