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Raspberry Punch | The Merrythought
I love a good punch. How can you not love a mix of juice and pop topped with yummy sherbet?! (Sidenote::Do you call it “pop” or “soda”? Here in Western New York almost everyone calls it pop. [Which is also what my boys call my dad – short for Poppy].  I lived in Florida for a year and everyone down there seemed to call it soda – sometimes I would get a blank look from people when I called it pop.  Maybe you don’t say “pop” but surely you’ve heard it called that people – give a northern gal a break!).
Okayyy…back to the yummy punch recipe. My mom made this years ago at a get together and it was a favorite of everyones. We’ve been making it at parties ever since. It tastes great and it’s so simple to make with only a few ingredients.  It’s also easy to customize to your taste, add a little less water or a little more pop if that’s what you prefer.  Add the fruit or don’t add the fruit (I think the fruit looks pretty in the punch but I hate when I get a soggy piece of fruit in my drink!).  Have fun being a mixologist! 🙂
Raspberry Punch  |  The Merrythought


makes approximately 1 gallon

2 cans frozen white grape raspberry juice concentrate (or any variation that has raspberry in it)
6 cups water
1 liter raspberry ginger ale
raspberry sherbet
raspberries – fresh or frozen, optional

In a large punch bowl, combine the raspberry juice, water and ginger ale. Float a generous layer of sherbet scoops on top. Add raspberries if using. Serve immediately.

Cheers! Manda

(Disclaimer – I took these pictures of the punch before I stirred it – I liked the ombre effect going on and thought it would look pretty.  We mixed it up before actually drinking it – so once you mix, your punch shouldn’t have the “layered” look.  Just so you know…)

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