Rice Krispie Treat Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Crispy Treats @themerrythought

With just a few ingredients, these rice krispie treat Easter Eggs are easy to make and are a perfect Easter treat.

Rice Krispies Treats are one of my favorite snacks. I don’t even allow myself to make them that often because I don’t trust myself to not eat the entire pan – they are just that good!! This year I thought it might be fun to make rice krispie treat Easter Eggs!

Nothing crazy, daring or new about this, just your basic rice krispie treats, cut into egg shapes and decorated with melted chocolate and sprinkles. I loved it – they were easy to throw together and fun to decorate. Plus I got to eat the scraps while cutting out the eggs, and they were a hit with the boys too!
Easter Egg Crispy Treats @themerrythought
Easter Egg Crispy Treats @themerrythought
Easter Egg Crispy Treats @themerrythought

Rice Krispie Treat Easter Eggs

  • 10 oz. bag marshmallows
  • 5 cups rice krispies cereal (generic brand is fine)
  • 4 tablespoons butter, cut into chunks
  • egg shaped cookie cutter
  • white chocolate chips (or milk/semi-sweet or both!)
  • vegetable oil
  • sprinkles
  • wax paper

Grease a 9×13 pan, set aside.

Place marshmallows and butter in a large microwavable bowl. Microwave on high for 2 minutes. Stir. Heat for another minute and stir again till marshmallows and butter are completely mixed. Add cereal and stir until well coated.  Pour cereal mixture into greased pan and press into an even layer.  Cover and allow to set for a couple hours.

Once treats are set, loosen the edges of the treats and slide out of the pan (the whole thing should dump out pretty easily).

Use an egg shaped cookie cutter to cut eggs out.

Place the chocolate chips in a microwavable bowl, drizzle vegetable oil over the chips and stir to coat (I use about 1-2 teaspoons of vegetable oil per cup of chips) . Microwave on medium high for 30 seconds. Stir. Keep heating and stirring in 30 second increments, until the chips are just about melted, but you still see a few small lumps. At that point, just keep stirring and the chips should melt completely as you stir. (Make sure not to overheat the chips!)

Dip eggs into melted chocolate, set on a piece of wax paper to dry.

If using sprinkles, sprinkle on right away while the chocolate is still wet.

If using more melted chocolate to draw designs, let the first layer harden, then pipe on design.  To do mine, I melted chocolate, placed it a plastic baggie, and snipped off a bottom corner of the bag (make sure what you cut off is pretty small!).

My Rice Krispies Treats tips:
  •  I use less cereal than what’s used in the traditional recipe (I use 5 cups instead of 6) – it makes the treats more marshmallow-y!
  • Spray the spoon/spatula with cooking spray before you stir the marshmallows, this will help it to not stick quite as much.
  • Use the paper from the butter to spread the rice krispies mixture in the pan – the mixture won’t stick to it and you won’t have to use a new piece of wax paper.
    Easter Egg Crispy Treats @themerrythought
    Easter Egg Crispy Treats @themerrythought
    Easter Egg Crispy Treats @themerrythought
    These eggs can also make a fun April Fools’ Day snack – just use yellow sprinkles to make a small circle on your white chocolate dipped eggs to make some tasty faux eggs! 😉 Breakfast tomorrow morning could be a lot of fun!
    Egg Crispy Treats @themerrythought
    Egg Crispy Treats @themerrythought
    So what about you – are you a fan of crispy treats or do you prefer your desserts a little more “grown up”? 😉


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