Cucumber Cooler

Cucumber Cooler @themerrythoughtOkay, so our Mocktail Monday post is one day late… oops! But we had a sweet giveaway to share yesterday and trust me, this mocktail was worth the wait! I’ve been ordering the Cucumber Cooler at Cheshire, a local cocktail bar, (if you’re ever in the Rochester area – you should definitely try it out!) and it’s one of my favorite drinks ever! I struggle not to just chug it down immediately when the bartender hands it to me. Saturday night I ordered one and I decided I needed to try to recreate one at home. I snapped a photo of the ingredients on their menu and tried it out with a few friends on Sunday afternoon. We basically nailed it on the first try… Ha! But really. It was surprisingly similar and so delicious!Cucumber Cooler @themerrythoughtCucumber Cooler

1/2 cup Fresh Cucumber Juice (peeled and seeded before juicing)
2 tbsp Fresh Lime Juice
1/4 tsp Sugar
Ginger Ale

Add cucumber juice, lime juice, and sugar to a shaker with ice and shake until mixed. Strain into glass 1/2 full of ice. Top off with ginger ale.

**If you don’t have a juicer, cut about 2″ of cucumber, peel off the skin, muddle very well at the bottom of shaker and then add lime juice and sugar. Shake, strain, and add ginger ale as written in the first instructions. It tastes very similar. But if you have a juicer, fresh cucumber juice really takes this mocktail over the top! You can also puree cucumber in a blender and then strain out the juice.Cucumber Cooler @themerrythoughtCucumber Cooler @themerrythoughtxo. Caitlin

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