Inspired By: Back to School

Inspired: Back to SchoolEven though I haven’t gone “back to school” in 5 years, I’ve still got it on the mind and I might need to do a little back-to-school shopping for myself this week 😉

In the meantime, here are a few things that have been inspiring me lately:
A sweet studio for your work at home. I need to set myself up a work area that inspires me!
Make yourself a swell vintage school chart to hang on your wall.
A lovely blouse perfect for the fall. Totally teacher worthy.
Go buy yourself a waxed canvas lunch tote. Or buy me one.
Make some yummy after-school (or take to work) snacks.
Pass some notes through the air. Or just get some fake tattoos of cute notebook paper airplanes.
Cover those ugly textbooks with some leftover wrapping paper.
Make yourself a new (incredible) chair for your new home studio space.
Buy a smock for your little one to bring to school. I want one for myself to wear all the time!
Snag some of these sweet notebook inspired paper bags.

Hope you go make/buy/be inspired by these!
xo. Caitin

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