What We Wore // Easter Sunday

Family Easter Outfits
Boys & Levi
Boys Easter Outfits
Boys & Malacai
Easter Sunday
Boys Easter

I love Easter. The joy & celebration of Jesus’ love for us, getting to play Easter bunny, eating yummy Easter candy and dressing up! And getting to dress up my boys!  Thankfully, they’re still good sports about letting mama play dress up with them.
Did you notice the nice scratches that Malacai and Levi are sporting? Cai had a little bike accident on Friday and Levi got injured on Saturday while helping out with yard work. Of course they did right before Easter Sunday! Ah well, I’m happy that we had 3 days that were nice enough for us to be outside. Oh spring, where are you?! (It snowed today here…snowed!!)
I had to include that picture of Mike & me above, Lincoln took it, he was so proud. 🙂
How was your Easter? Do you like getting dressed up (or dressing up your kiddos)?

Mike // shirt: Express, thrifted | jeans: Walmart | boots: freebies from his brother
Manda // dress: vintage, Calista Miakoda | sweater: thrifted | shoes: vintage, from Cait | rabbit mask necklace: Mike made it! | rabbit earrings: from Marla
Lincoln // shirt: vintage, thrifted | pants: Shaun White, thrifted | hat: Children’s Place | bow tie: Target (dollar bins – holla!) | shoes: Converse, thrifted
Malacai // shirt: Target | pants: Janie + Jack, thrifted by Cait | hat: vintage, thrifted | bow tie: Target | shoes: thrifted
Levi // pants, vest, shirt: vintage, thrifted | hat: Janie + Jack, thrifted | shoes: Converse, thrifted

( ^ we wear a lot of vintage and thrifted items… 😉 )

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