Summer Style Headwrap @themerrythought Vintage Moccasins Summer Style @themerrythought Summer Style Headwrap @themerrythought Summer Style @themerrythought Summer Style Headwrap @themerrythoughtThe last couple months have felt like a constant struggle to get anything done. Between sickness, weddings, and starting a new job – every weekend has been full and I feel bummed about how little I’ve been able to get done for the blog. To help clear my mind and reinspire myself for fresh projects, I’ve been forcing myself to take time on my day off to go do some adventuring even when there are half done projects on the floor and a sink full of dishes. Climbing in waterfalls, floating down the river on tubes, hiking to new places with fresh views… oh what wonders carving out time to enjoy nature does for your soul.

Breezy dresses, thrifted moccasins, and a head wrap have been my go-to outfit every time I head to the water the past few weeks. The head wrap is actually just a large loop from the bottom of a dress that I wanted a few inches shorter – I saw it laying on the floor so I grabbed it, wrapped it around my head twice and then tied a little knot. Definitely one of my favorite accessories I’ve been wearing recently!

What do you do to try to slow down and enjoy life when time is flying by?

xo. Caitlin

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