#merrythankful @themerrythought
#merrythankful @themerrythought
#merrythankful @themerrythought
A few things I’m thankful for:
>> the beauty and excitement of the first snowfall – even if it’s a little early and too cold
>> freshly roasted hot coffee – Mike’s latest project has been roasting his own coffee beans. I’m in heaven.
>> getting a chance to volunteer at the school and eat lunch with my boys (they love buying lunch on Fridays because it’s pizza day…umm, yum 😉 )
>> pretty fresh flowers on my table that really help brighten things up this time of year
>> newly thrifted shoes – I so rarely find good shoes, my feet are huge, it’s so exciting when I do. (And these are men’s – because really, my feet are huge)
>> just about the best thing ever, seeing my boys being read to by their daddy
>> His grace and mercy.

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