Reading Nook with DENY Designs

Reading Nook // DENY Designs @themerrythought @denydesignsWe had been wanting to put together a reading nook for some time and after we did, we decided that everyone needs to have a cozy reading nook in their house! Even those of us that don’t read… (ahem, Caitlin.) A space to clear your mind, take a nap, catch up on your favorite blogs 😉 or snuggle in with a few little ones and read them their favorite story. Setting aside a space to take things a bit slower is becoming more and more important these days and cozying up in style is just a bonus! We teamed up with DENY Designs to create this cozy space.
Reading Nook // DENY Designs @themerrythought @denydesignsDENY Designs is an inspired home decor site that sells custom home items, allowing people to transform their spaces into creative expressions of themselves. We love the idea behind their company – they partner with over 170 artists and offer some really cool home decor items with fun and amazing prints designed by the artists! There’s over 9,000 designs and with each purchase, the talented artists earn part of the proceeds. We had so much fun looking through all the different designs and picking out a few favorites (although so hard, because there are so many gorgeous ones!). Whatever your style or taste, you’ll definitely find something you love!Reading Nook // DENY Designs @themerrythought @denydesigns Reading Nook // DENY Designs @themerrythought with @denydesigns Reading Nook // DENY Designs @themerrythought with @denydesignsReading Nook // DENY @themerrythoughtReading Nook // DENY @themerrythought Reading Nook // DENY Designs @themerrythought @denydesigns Reading Nook // DENY Designs @themerrythought with @denydesigns Reading Nook // DENY Designs @themerrythought with @denydesignsReading Nook // DENY Designs @themerrythought with @denydesignsDo you have a favorite cozy spot in your home you like to unwind in?  Or work from? 😉

You can see all of the goodies that went into our reading nook here. As well as thousands of more designs to scroll through!

– Caitlin & Manda

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