Valentine’s Day Bow & Arrows.


What you’ll need:
– One 3/8″ dowel. I got three 16″ arrows from it – buy another one if you’d like more arrows.
– PVC pipe or piece of a carpet tube. (I used 3″ PVC pipe)
– Thin piece of wood. (Mine was 1″ x 29″)
– Strong nylon string.
– One skinny belt. (Preferably red or white)
– White paint.
– Paintbrushes.
– Assorted fabric, thread, twine, felt – whatever you would like to use to decorate.
– Hot glue gun.
Optional: – White vinyl.

How to make it:
– Paint the dowels white and let dry.
– Cut out the arrow tips and hand sew the two edges to the point. Leaving the back side open.
– Hot glue the dowel in between the pieces of fabric (The open space you left in the fabric.) then sew the open side of the arrow tip closed around the dowel.
– Cut out and glue on the “feathers” of the arrow. I used various fabric and styles.
– Decorate the rest of the arrow as desired.

– Paint the stick you got for the bow.
– Cut notches in the ends and tie nylon string around notches, pulling the wood to look like a bow. Make sure that your wood will be strong enough so that it doesn’t break but not so strong that you can’t bend it at all.
– Decorate as desired! I wrapped red yarn around the nylon string to hide the color.

– Cut your PVC pipe – I cut mine to 15″ long.
– I wrapped it with vinyl and hot glued in place. (You could also just paint it.)
– Drill two 1″ holes in the side and loop belt through.
– Decorate as desired.


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