How to Make a Kimono with Fringe

girl in diy kimono with fringe outside looking towards wooded area

Today I’ll be sharing how to make your own kimono with fringe! This is a perfect afternoon for all my thrifters out there! You can snag an old floral robe for a couple bucks and turn it into an amazing layer to toss on over any outfits to add a bit or color and texture!

I love different ways to upcycle or recycle thrifted or older clothes! It’s such a fun project and I can see myself making a bunch more in the future! I’ve been finding myself checking out the old, sheer robes every time I’m at the thrift store now! Haha! I hope you try it out and love your as much as I love mine!

Girl in field with hands on hipsGirl among bushes looking to the side, wearing kimono over black outfitclose up of fringe on diy floral kimono with fringe

Here’s how to make a kimono with fringe:
– Go to a thrift store and buy a sheer kimono style robe of your choosing – there are always loads of them.
– Buy some brush fringe – you can usually find it in the home decor section. I bought mine at Joann’s.
– Chop your robe to whatever your desired length is.
– Fold 1/2 inch around where you cut and iron. Repeat again. [to prevent from fraying.]
– Pin the fringe on top of the ironed fold.
– Sew in place.
I also chose to alter my sleeves because the fit wasn’t right.
And there you go!

Girl with hand on hip looking over should in field

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