DIY Wooden Wall Mount Rack

I’ve been waiting to finish up the living room that has been half finished for the past year and am kind of at a stand-still for a few weeks here. So I’ve been staying busy working on getting organized/decorated in the rest of the house – we still have a bunch of empty walls after being here for over a year! This wall mount peg rack was a simple addition for us – but is definitely a game-changer for a house of three adult women with piles of coats, scarves, and purses that need some accessible storage. After seeing how this one turned out, I’m thinking about adding another one across a wall in my bedroom!What you need:
-1″x3″x6′ poplar board (you may need a longer piece depending on your space)
-1/2″ wooden dowel
-miter saw or handsaw
-sand paper
-measuring tape
-forstner bit
-drill press or drill
-drywall anchors

How to make it:
-Cut board to length of wall space you would like it to fill.
-Measure out where you would like the dowels to be (mine ended up being 5″ apart) – mark each of the spaces along the length of the board and then measure from top to bottom at each mark to make sure the marks are centered on the board.
-Use a drill press to drill holes at each mark using a forester bit. Be sure not to drill all the way through the board – just drill about 3/4 of the way through. (*Drill a hole in scrap wood beforehand to make sure that the dowel will fit snuggly into that holes that you make.)
-Cut 3″ pieces of dowel and use sandpaper to smooth the ends.
-In three of the holes (the center hole and one towards each end of the board), you will want to drill a small hole in the center of the hole through the back of the board. Hold the board up against the wall, making sure that it is level, and make a mark through the three holes.
-If these marks aren’t aligned with a stud, insert a drywall anchor at each of these marks.
-Screw the board into the anchors.
-Insert the wooden dowels. They should fit very snuggly so you won’t need to use wood glue and will be able to remove them so that you can unscrew the board if you ever need to move it.

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