DIY Washi Tape Silverware

Washi Tape Silverware | The Merrythought
Here’s a really easy way to bring some party cheer to your forks and spoons – just cover the ends of your silverware with some pretty washi tape!  I love this because it’s so quick and simple, yet adds a great festive touch to your party table.
Washi Tape Cutlery | The Merrythought
What you need:
wooden forks and spoons (I bought my silverware in bulk from the
washi tape
Washi Tape Forks & Spoons | The Merrythought
What to do:
Decide how much of the handle of your silverware you want to cover, cut your tape that length, and stick it to the handle. Trim the excess tape. You can try to wrap the edges of the tape around the handles, but I found that it didn’t stick that well, so trimming the tape seems to work best (small scissors make this easier!).  That’s it – you’re done!  Easy-peasy, right?
DIY Washi Tape Forks & Spoons | The Merrythought

Have fun creating! Manda

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