DIY Summer Essentials Refresh

We tend to take on a lot of more involved projects for DIYs that we’re sharing on the blog – we love a good woodworking project! But some days it’s important to just take on a project that you can do within a few minutes and feel some of that joy of simple crafting! My go-to for those days is to give a refreshing little makeover to something I already have – a fresh coat of paint, a new lamp shade, replacing old artwork with new. Since we’re living it up in the summer heat finally – I decided to spruce up a few summer essentials that I use often!I love simple white lace-up canvas shoes but I tend to get them dirty really quickly – I decided to add a pattern to them to distract from the dirt that would surely cover them in matter of days. And then as I was going through summer accessories to find the shoes, I grabbed a plain pouch for sunglasses and added a bit of gold handwriting!

Find out what you need & how to make them in the video below!

xo. Caitlin

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