DIY Simple Painted Acorn Garland

DIY Acorn Garland | The Merrythought It was a super sweaty 80° on Sunday and today it’s a cool 60°! To celebrate the little autumn chill down, here is a super simple DIY garland to add some fall to your wall!
DIY Acorn Garland | The Merrythought What to do: Collect a bunch of acorns (make sure they have nice stems on top) and paint the bottom whatever color(s) your heart desires. I just tied mine together with some yarn around each stem to make things easy. You could also drill a small hole through the bottom half (right under the top) of each acorn and then run a string through them and tie a small knot on each side of each acorn to keep it in place.
Easy breezy!
DIY Acorn Garland | The Merrythought Off to a fun party! We’ll be sharing it with you later this week! 😉
xo. Caitlin

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