DIY Paper Doll Costume

DIY Paper Doll Costume @themerrythoughtI loved paper dolls when I was little so when this costume idea came to mind, I was so excited! This is a great last minute costume, you probably have most of the supplies that you need on hand already – just run to the store and pick up some foam board for $1! I think 8 year old me would be dying over this costume.
DIY Paper Doll Costume @themerrythoughtWhat you need:
Foam Board
X-Acto Knife
Hot Glue Gun and/or Mod Podge
Permanent Marker

How to make it:
-Draw out the dress and accessories on the foam board. Look for “vintage paper dolls” online if you need some inspiration! Don’t forget the tabs!
-Use an x-acto knife to cut around the designs.
-Use x-acto knife to put a hole in each side of the waist of the dress. Put a long piece of string through and glue down across the front of the dress (where the fabric will be glued over it.) Repeat with other accessories.
-Cut out fabric and glue in place. (I used Mod Podge and a hot glue gun depending on the fabric/part of the outfit.)
-Use permanent marker to outlines the tabs.

***If you don’t want to use fabric, you can try painting it or glueing on some colored paper.
DIY Paper Doll Costume @themerrythought DIY Paper Doll Costume @themerrythought DIY Paper Doll Costume @themerrythoughtYou can even make a few different outfits and change throughout the night! If you aren’t the paper doll type, try out this Cuckoo Clock Costume!

xo. Caitlin

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