DIY Lipstick Holder

DIY Wooden Lipstick Holder @themerrythoughtBecause Valentine’s Day is all about red lipstick smooches (…right??), I thought I’d give you a little storage solution for all those lipsticks you’ve bought when you couldn’t decide on the right shade. I used some leftover wood from previous projects and it didn’t take much time at all to put together. It’s narrow enough to fit inside my medicine cabinet but it’s cute enough to leave out on display for those without much storage space.
DIY Wooden Lipstick Holder @themerrythought What you need:
-1/4″ Birch Plywood
-5/8″ Wooden Dowel
-Scroll Saw
-5/8″ and 7/8″ Forstner Bits

How to make it:
-Measure and cut two 2″x7.5″ pieces out of the plywood.
-Cut two 1.75″ pieces of dowel.
-Measure to the center of one of the pieces of plywood and make a mark. Measure to make sure these marks are at the center of the wood across the short side as well.
-Measure 1.25″ out from this center mark both ways. And repeat from the second marks – you should have 5 total marks. (These are for the lipstick.)
-Use the 7/8″ drill bit to drill a hole at each of these marks.
-On the other piece of wood, measure 5/8″ in from each end and make a mark – be sure to center from the short side.
-Use the 5/8″ drill bit to drill most of the way through the wood at these two spots.
-Use glue to attach the dowel down into both of those holes. Then use glue on the top of the dowels, align the top piece of wood over the dowels, and clamp together until dry.
DIY Wooden Lipstick Holder @themerrythought DIY Wooden Lipstick Holder @themerrythought DIY Wooden Lipstick Holder @themerrythought DIY Wooden Lipstick Holder @themerrythoughtxo. Caitlin

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