DIY Leather Pouch

DIY Leather Pouch @themerrythought DIY Leather Pouch @themerrythought Coachella is only a couple weeks away and this usually marks the beginning of festival season. And I’m totally down with the grungy festival style. This little leather pouch can be worn as a necklace or fanny-pack and it would be the perfect accessory for festival going. You can slip your phone, lipstick, and some cash, in there and be on your way!
DIY Leather Pouch @themerrythought
What you’ll need:
-Sewing machine
-Leather lace
-Leather punch
-2 Bone White Magnasite Horns
-Belt or long necklace chain

How to make it:
-If you want yours to be able to be used as a fanny pack, you will want to cut out a rectangular piece of leather that is taller than your belt. Sew the top and bottom edges to the outside of your piece of leather you are using for the pouch. (Be sure it is centered on one half.)
-Fold your leather in half with the outside facing in and pin it closed. Sketch out the shape you want your pouch to be – straight sides, rounded bottom.
-Use your sewing machine to stitch along the line you sketched.
-Cut off excess fabric around stitching (leaving about 1/4″.)
-Turn pouch right-side out and use leather punch to punch holes evenly spaced along the top of the pouch.
-Thread leather lace through the holes.
-Use wire and pliers to tightly wrap the horns around the leather lace. (Mine has held up very well so far but if you can’t get yours tight enough to stay in place on the leather lace, try using a dab of glue or stitching the bead to the leather.)
-If you want to wear it as a fanny-pack, slip the belt through the loop on the back. If you want to wear it as a necklace, loop the necklace chain between a couple of the leather lace loops on the back of the pouch.
DIY Leather Pouch @themerrythought DIY Leather Pouch @themerrythought DIY Leather Pouch @themerrythought DIY Leather Pouch @themerrythoughtWhat about you guys – are you going to any festivals this summer? Would you ever rock a fanny-pack?

xo. Caitlin

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