DIY Flannel Placemats

Flannel season is still in full swing around here with the last of the leaves falling. So recently when I saw a bunch of sweet flannels while shopping I had to pick up a few yards to make some cozy DIY projects! Today I’ll show you how to whip up some super easy flannel placemats to use for upcoming holiday gatherings, gifting, or everyday coziness!DIY Flannel Placemat @themerrythoughtWhat you need:
-Sewing machine

How to make it:
-Decide how large you want your placemats to be and add 1″ to the height. I cut out 18″ x 15″ rectangles to end up with 18″ x 14″ placemats.
-Measure and cut out piece of flannel.
-Along the 15″ sides create a frayed edge by pulling strands of fabric out until you have the desired amount of frayed strings along the sides.
-Take the top of the fabric and fold down 1/4″ and iron, fold again 1/4″ and iron (so the raw edge is hidden) and pin in place.
-Straight stitch about 1/8″ in along both seams to hold in place.
-Repeat the same steps with the bottom side.
DIY Flannel Placemat @themerrythoughtDIY Flannel Placemat @themerrythoughtDIY Flannel Placemat @themerrythought-Caitlin

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