DIY Hand Crochet Garland

Another day, another holiday decor idea for ya! I’ve really been wanting some cozy decor to layer in with a lot of the natural decor that I typically use. I think a nuetral yarn is the perfect thing. Especially with the vintage items and the natural pine branches that are my go-to decor every Christmas. Plus, of course, some of the new mini trees from Target! I just can not seem to pass them up. Ha!

I got my cousin Kailey to do another crochet tutorial to share with you since I’m still am so bad at crocheting. I asked her to make a super easy crochet garland that I could use around the house and I love how cozy it makes everything! She even had me try to do a little bit of it to show me just how easy it is. And I honestly think I might be able to make one if I tried haha! Either way – I think everyone should grab some yarn, watch a cheesy holiday movie, and hand crochet themselves a little garland!

yarn garland on mini christmas tree in front of white fireplace
Hand Crochet Garland Materials:
  • yarn (I used this one)
  • the beautiful hands God gave you
  • scissors

Follow the video below for instructions!

hand crochet garland on mini christmas tree in basket
mantle with greenery and hand crochet garland around candles
yarn and greenery garlands around mini tree decor
hand crochet yarn garland and greenery garland draped around candles

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