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three caramel cold brew coffee popsicles on ice in pie plate

Vanilla Caramel Cold Brew Coffee Popsicles

Creamy and delicious, these vanilla caramel cold brew coffee popsicles are easy to make!


  • cold brew coffee, unsweetened
  • vanilla caramel gelato*
  • popsicle mold / popsicle sticks


  1. Let gelato soften slightly.

  2. Scoop some gelato into a mixing bowl, pour some cold brew coffee over it. (How much is up to you, more coffee for a stronger coffee flavor). Stir until mixed together. Set aside.

  3. Pour a little bit of cold brew coffee into the popsicle mold.

  4. Add the gelato/cold brew mixture into each mold.

  5. Place lid on mold and add popsicle sticks.

  6. Place in freezer until completely frozen.

Recipe Notes

I use this gelato. If you can’t find this gelato you can use any vanilla/caramel ice cream flavor, or just use vanilla ice cream and mix in some caramel sauce.

I use this cold brew

I use this popsicle mold