DIY Wooden Baby Gym

DIY Wooden Baby Gym @themerrythought

My baby seester had her first baby at the end of September, and I’m so smitten with my sweet little niece Parker Penny! Now that my boys are getting older I have some serious baby fever and I could snuggle with that lil baber all day! Parker had a baby gym on her Christmas wish list πŸ˜‰ and I thought it would be fun if Mike & I made one for her. I wanted to keep it simple and most importantly, have it be able to fold up so that it was easy to store. I know how overwhelming the baby gear/toy situation can get fast, and it’s nice to have things you can hide away when not in use. It also makes it nice for traveling with.Β Parker seemed pretty fascinated with her new gym and happily modeled it’s use for us to share with you!
DIY Wooden Baby Gym @themerrythought

DIY Wooden Baby Gym @themerrythought

– pine board
wood dowel – 3/4” diameter
leather lace
wood rings

– wooden beads (we used a 2-1/2″ ball, 1-inch beads, and 1/2-inch beads)
– table saw
– miter box
– power planer
– belt sander
– drill
wood glue
– clamps
DIY Wooden Baby Gym @themerrythought

DIY Wooden Baby Gym @themerrythought

DIY Wooden Baby Gym @themerrythought

DIY Wooden Baby Gym @themerrythought

Cut your board to width for legs using the table saw – 1 3/4” wide. Cut boards to length using miter box – 26.5”. Cut dowel to length using miter box – 25.5”. Clean the saw marks off the edge of the board using planer (or use sandpaper). Use a circle template to mark the ends of the legs for rounding the corners. Measure and mark where the dowel hole will go at the top of the legs – 7/8” in and 7/8” down. Drill hole for dowel using 3/4” drill bit – drill all the way through for the two inside legs, drill only part way through in the two outside legs. Make sure dowel fits through holes. Round over the ends of legs using the belt sander. Sand all the pieces as needed. Put the inside legs on the dowel. Add wood glue to outside leg dowel holes. Clamp together making sure the legs stay square with the dowel. Once glue is dry, remove clamps. Drill holes in all four legs, down 11” from the top, centered, just being sure that the hole is big enough for the leather lace to fit through. Tie a knot in the leather lace, feed it through the holes, tying off on the other side. Repeat with other leg. With the legs spread apart, drill three holes in the dowel, one in the center and then 5.5” apart.
Thread wooden rings/beads onto leather lace, leaving a long piece of leather on the ends. Feed the end of lace through the dowel hole and securely knot.
DIY Wooden Baby Gym @themerrythought

DIY Wooden Baby Gym @themerrythought

Even when it was folded up, Parker couldn’t stop staring at it! A good sign that she approves our of work! πŸ™‚
DIY Wooden Baby Gym @themerrythought

Just look at that sweet face – I could munch on those baby cheeks all day! Have you ever attempted any baby gear/toy DIYs? I think it’s so fun and only wish that as new parents we could have had time to make things like these for our kiddos! Oh well, we can have fun spoiling our nieces & nephews! Here’s a few of the toys/toy-related projects we’ve made if you’re anxious to try making something else too: DIY Wooden Hamburger | DIY Wooden Toy Bins | DIY Slingshots | DIY Cork Drums.

– Manda


This is awesome! I’m expecting my first in July and I’m having such a hard time finding clean, minimalist baby accessories. Totally making this for our peanut. It’s perfect!

Hi – the length of the leather between the legs is 9 inches (knot to knot). How low to hang the toys will depend on how high your baby can reach, I measured my nieces arm length and then hung the toys accordingly. The length of the leather on the lowest hanging toy on our gym is 13 inches (knot to knot). Hopefully that helps!

I think the large ball was about 2.5-inches and the smaller beads were about 1-inch and 1/2-inch. Those you can find on Amazon or at Michaels (where I got them from). Hope that helps!

Hi there, this is gorgeous! My dad is whipping it up for me and is wondering how long the dowel is, please πŸ™‚

Thanks so much for sharing this!

Hi – yes, you could make this without a table saw. We used the table saw to cut the legs to width; you can buy boards that are already cut to the correct width.

I made this for our little guy once I noticed he was getting interested in batting objects (around 2-3 months), and instead of using wooden balls I tied up two small toys we’d had lying around already: a small stuffed elephant from his grandma, and a wooden Haba ring toy from his auntie. How he is rolling over, almost sitting up, I thought he’d be finished with his playgym – but it’s still one of his favorite places to play restfully after a long day of tummy time or errands in the car. I LOVE this design – the foldability is a huge thumbs up, since we live in a small house – and I’ve made two more for my pregnant friends. THANK YOU for this lovely design!

Hi! I was wondering what size the legs are? 8 picked up 1x3s to use because the looked the most similar to these but if they are a different size I’ll switch them out! So cute, thanks!

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