DIY Leather Sandals

DIY Leather Sandals @themerrythoughtI have been living in the same pair of sandals all summer and I’m getting some serious tan lines from them. It’s about time that I switch it up for a while! So I decided to try making a pair of basic leather sandals using some cheap flip-flops!
DIY Leather Sandals @themerrythoughtWhat you need:
-Cheap Flexible Flip-Flops
-Leather (I used two different colors.)
-Glue (*Make sure you choose a glue that will be flexible when it dries. Try Gorilla Glue or Shoe Goo)
Leather Punch
-Embroidery Thread and Needle
-Leather Lace

How to make it:
-Remove the straps from your flip flops.
**-If they are a bit too wide or long, trace a pair of sandals that fit you well onto them and trim them down using a scroll saw.
-Trace sandals on base leather and cut out.
-Cut out two 3″x8.5″ pieces of leather and then trim them so they are arched. (***I wear size 7.5 shoes – you will need to adjust measurements based on your own feet. I kept trying mine on and adjusting them as I went.)
-Cut slits in the base leather  the width of the top piece and slide the top piece in. Angle the leather so that the opening towards your toes is a smaller space. Glue them in place.
-Cut out 1″ arched pieces of leather and repeat previous steps.. cutting slit the same width, angle towards the back so this strap will be behind your ankle, and glue in place.
-Glue the entire leather piece to the flip-flop bottom. *Follow instructions on the glue you choose.
-Use a leather punch to punch holes in the wide piece of leather. Use strong embroidery thread to thread in between these holes and pull them tight. This just helped my sandals to fit my feet a bit better and I liked the look of it. Feel free to skip this step.
-Use a leather punch in the back strap and punch two holes large enough to put your leather lace through.
-Put leather lace through and tie knots in the back. Make sure there is enough space to put your foot through the leather lace when it is completely loose. This string will come up around your ankle and then you can pull it tight and tie it on the back to wear.
DIY Leather Sandals @themerrythought
I’m off to go pick some blueberries! Happy weekend!!

xo. Caitlin

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