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Violet  - Merrythought Sponsor
Meet Violet of Blythe Ponytail Parades. (You may remember her from the Prism Photography Tutorial). We asked each of our sponsors 3 questions to get to know them a little better:
1. Where do you draw your inspiration from? I draw inspiration from nature, sunsets and places or objects that have history and character. I am so fascinated by older, antique things.
2. Where are you from and where would you love to travel to? I am from Indianapolis, IN though I was born in Los Angeles (I sometimes wish I still lived there), but I love my hometown. I always love traveling out West whether it be to California, Arizona, etc. Though I have never seen the Redwood Forest and I just fall to pieces when I look at pictures. It’s like a photographer’s dreamscape. I also want to travel the world and see Scotland, England, Japan again and a long list of other countries!
3. Tell us something really interesting about yourself: Oh I am not that interesting of a person, haha! Let’s see… When I was a kid I got to be an American Girl model playing Felicity. That is one of my fondest memories of childhood.

Stop in and visit Violet here: blog | facebook | photography | instagram | twitter

Andrea - Merrythought Sponsor Getting to know Andrea of the LittleBigHead Shoppe:
1. Where do you draw your inspiration from? I love how this created world holds so much magic and wonder. Forests are my favorite. I just imagine all the untold stories that come from such places. The innocence and limitless of imagination that stems childhood also inspired me. Anything is possible when you look with childlike eyes! Gathering inspiration from my own pretend worlds of my childhood and watching what delights my children helps shape some of the work I do. I also allow the things that interest me find a way into my work like English culture, Bygone areas (I love anything vintage), drinking tea, indigenous cultures, flora and fauna, and other items found in nature.
2. Where are you from and where would you love to travel to? I am a Southern California Native and though this state is bright, sunny and beautiful, there are so many other places I would love to see! I actually had the privilege to travel abroad a bit with my mom when I was in my teens. My most favorite vacation was one in my twenties when a friend of mine won a trip to London. I’ve loved that place ever since and hope to take my family there one day. Other top places on my radar are Portland, Oregon, Kentucky (I have dear friends who live in Louisville), Alaska and Canada.
3. Tell us something really interesting about yourself: I have five tattoos but the one most nearest and dearest to my heart is the work I have on my upper left arm. It’s of two blackbirds accompanied by two different flowers. The blackbirds represent my children and the flowers are their birth flowers. I once had read that in the Japanese culture, blackbirds symbolized family. I have always like blackbirds and love the idea of using them in this way, especially since most people like to think them more macabre. My husband has the same tattoo on his right arm. We did it higher up in case we are blessed with more children, we will have room to add. 🙂

Stop in and visit Andrea here: shop | blog | instagram

To top it all off, Andrea is offering our readers a discount for her shop!! Use MERRYTHOUGHT13 for 30% off until December 15!

Jacob - Merrythought Sponsor Getting to know Jacob of Home Tree Atlas:
1/2. Where do you draw your inspiration from? Where are you from and where would you love to travel to? I really like home decor that uses more natural elements. Like wood, stone, and greenery. Bali is a perfect example, and that is the place I would love to travel and explore more of. They always bring in the outdoors in. Bali also has an amazing crafting energy – everyone is making something. You have a village of painters, another village for wood carving, metal work, batik, it goes on.
3. Tell us something really interesting about yourself: I just bought a jigsaw, and plan on doing home decor projects with just that and a drill. It’s going to take some creativity to pull off projects with only those two tools, but I’m looking forward to it.

Stop in and visit Jacob here: blog | pinterest


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