Winter Style Tips // One.

IMG_8093IMG_8051IMG_8088IMG_8115IMG_8162IMG_8058IMG_8138Life in Western New York can be… cold. Each year it puts a strain on my love affair with dresses and sunshine. But over the years I’ve found some ways to make winter style bearable:

Find a coat that you love. This coat was actually given to me by a sweet customer that often used to come into my store. One day she came in with this beauty, she told me it was her mother’s from when she lived in England in the 60’s and she wanted to give it to someone that would wear it because it broke her heart to see it stuffed away in the attic. I was more than glad to take it out and use it!
Boots: skip the cute and buy practical. Cute boots are great for autumn but, if you’re going to be shoveling your car out from the snow that the plow piled in front of it every day, you need to invest in some boots that will keep you off your butt for winter.
Layer with socks. The amount of socks I have is slightly ridiculous but I wear them constantly; over tights, with heels, peeking from rolled jeans. They can add a perfect little burst of color or just help keep your toes from freezing off.

Stay tuned for Winter Style Tips Part Two!

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