First Day of School :: 2014 Edition

First Day of School @themerrythought
First Day of School @themerrythought
First Day of School @themerrythought
First Day of School @themerrythought
Last Wednesday was the first day of school for all my boys! I can’t even believe I’ve reached this stage of motherhood.  The early morning silence is strange and wonderful at the same time. And a little sad.  It means my babies are really not babies anymore.  I’ve spent the last eight years being a mama to babies and toddlers…what will this new stage of boyhood bring?
I will admit I don’t feel too shocked at this change – Levi is only in preschool for 2.5 hours, so my couple hours alone actually feel as though they slip by all too quickly. Although I’m feeling a bit sad and nostalgic that these years have passed by so fast, just as everyone said they would, the mornings alone are actually feeling quite nice at this point.  (Psst…mamas of little ones – I can pee without interruptions or having someone follow me in!!!  Take heart, one day you will go to the bathroom alone again!) It’s next September you might be overwhelmed with melancholy blog posts from me. 😉 And knowing that this is probably what Levi needed, a time each day to be social and play with friends, makes it easier on the mama heart.  I just looked over the post I wrote last fall about life with Levi after the boys went to school…oh that tiny boy!  I could just squeeze him (gahh – the video Caitlin made with him!!).  But I know he likes to be with others and I’m hoping this two hour break is just what he, what we both, need!
So here’s to another school year, embracing the new and the changes, and trusting Jesus to protect their little hearts and guide their footsteps, and continuing on this adventure of learning and boyhood!
First Day of School @themerrythought
First Day of School @themerrythought
First Day of Preschool @themerrythought
Enjoy this weekend!

xo – Manda

Last year’s first day of school photos…and Fabienne’s first day of preschool photos.

…Those lovely canvas backpacks were all bought on Amazon and I’m so happy with them!  I decided I would pick the backpack, they could pick the lunch boxes. (Sometimes I feel like a bad mama not letting them pick…but some of those backpacks out there just make me cringe and what they’re into changes so much from year to year!)  I’m hoping the neutral, simple styles will mean they’re happy using them for a few years.  (Lincoln was thrilled to have a “hiking” backpack, Malacai didn’t even care and Levi said he wouldn’t wear one at all…pretty much depicts them perfectly! 🙂 )   Find them here:  Lincoln’s | Malacai’s | Levi’s

…another year of Lincoln wanting to be a farmer…this kid’s been saying that since he could talk! And another interesting occupation for Malacai (last year’s included a bad guy!). But Levi’s –!!! I just died laughing…Tori is my niece that watches the boys for us all the time – too great!

  • JenFriday, September 12, 2014 - 2:43 pm

    Oh sniff sniff, handsome boys!! How fun it would be have two farmers in the family (or two Toris for that matter hehe). Love these little ones and hoping for a play date soon. Keep me posted on Malacai’s lunch spending (*chuckle)!ReplyCancel

    • MandaFriday, September 12, 2014 - 4:25 pm

      Haa – oh Malacai! We’ve had 2 “buying” days, and so far so good! (I did immediately check their account when I saw your comment as today was a buy day). He knows he’s in a very strict probation period here. 🙂
      And 2 Toris would be pretty amazing!! Just think of all the babysitting that would be done!ReplyCancel

  • Carly @ ZauberbearSunday, September 14, 2014 - 12:53 pm

    Oh my goodness, look at how small they look with their backpacks on! How sweet. ♥ Hope they all have a wonderful school year and it goes easy for you, too!ReplyCancel

  • Victoria / Justice PirateTuesday, September 16, 2014 - 10:37 am

    How very very sweet and handsome and smart!ReplyCancel

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