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DIY Wood Hanging Planter

In case you hadn’t noticed, we have a pretty serious thing going for plants. We’re constantly on the lookView full post »

DIY Hand-Dipped Birthday Candles

Birthday season is upon us, at least here in our family; seems like we’re celebrating a birthday every weekView full post »

DIY Raised Garden Bed

While waiting for it to stay consistently warm, I’ve been out in the yard digging up tons of weeds all whileView full post »

DIY Fresh Floral Confetti

Sticking with our floral party theme we’ve had going for the past couple weeks, we’ve got some naturalView full post »

DIY Greenery Wall

Bringing some more floral inspiration to you today! Last week we shared a DIY Floral Chandelier and some deliciousView full post »

DIY Donut Wall

I’ve been to a few events over the last year with huge donut walls and obviously I fell in love with them. IView full post »

DIY Floral Chandelier

With summer quickly approaching (soo looking forward to more sunshine & warmth around here!) and all the bridalView full post »

DIY Plywood Side Table

I’ve been thinking about making a new bedside stand for my room for the past couple months and this past week IView full post »

DIY Toothbrush Holder

So I’m still doing more little projects for the new bathroom. Obviously it’s time for me to re-do anotherView full post »

DIY Triangle Mirror

Living with a bunch of ladies, one can never have too many mirrors. We’re currently without a full length mirrorView full post »

DIY Watering Can

Maybe this title should be DIY Watering Jar? Either way… this post is bringing me back to the days when DIY was lessView full post »

DIY Wooden Paper Towel Stand

Since the kitchen renovation we had been in the habit of throwing our roll of paper towels haphazardly into our pantryView full post »

DIY Earring Stand

I’ve been needing something to hold my stud earrings for a long time. I had been putting them in a drawer in aView full post »

DIY Monochrome Eggs

When this post goes live, I will (hopefully) be safely in Florida soaking up the sunshine! But these cute eggs will beView full post »

DIY Egg Vase Centerpiece

Holiday decor is always something I struggle to come up with but once the holiday comes around, I always wish that IView full post »