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DIY ‘Hey’ Planters

Recently I saw a pin that featured this space and I fell in love with the ‘HEY’ planters they had on theirView full post »

DIY Leather Trim Planters

We’ve been plant lovers for quite some time and slowly over the years have built up our green collections as wellView full post »

St. Patrick’s Day Clay Pot Planters

St. Patrick’s Day is only 6 days away! And we decided that this week, in addition to our normal posts, we wouldView full post »

DIY Flower Pot Costume

We’re less than a week away from October! So we’re getting hyped up by having 90° weather (what?!) andView full post »

DIY Planter Wall

You guys! This project might top off my list of my favorite projects of all time. Every time I’ve walked into myView full post »

DIY Wood Hanging Planter

In case you hadn’t noticed, we have a pretty serious thing going for plants. We’re constantly on the lookView full post »

DIY Egg Vase Centerpiece

Holiday decor is always something I struggle to come up with but once the holiday comes around, I always wish that IView full post »

DIY Splatter Planter

December is tomorrow (crazy!!) and decking the halls is in full force around here! Last year, Caitlin spotted theseView full post »

DIY Hanging Water Garden

Alright friends, one last water garden project before I give you all a break and make myself make some things besidesView full post »

DIY Crochet Hanging Planter

Back again today with another post that I did not make… hahah! But I did ask my cousin to make it and took theView full post »

DIY Wire Plant Stand

It’s quite possible that this is the easiest DIY ever and I don’t mind one bit! I’m always lookingView full post »

Expat Giveaway

A while ago, we stumbled across Expat Design Shop on Etsy and we were dying over all the planters and displays theyView full post »

100+ Handmade Gift Ideas

Searching for DIY gifts to make for friends and family?! We’ve spent hours searching for projects that we loveView full post »

DIY Ceramic Planter

Lately I’ve been finding a few ceramic pieces while out thrifting that I just love! For those of us thatView full post »

DIY Skull Planter

I’m not a huge fan of Halloween decorations….I keep the decorations minimal and fall themed, soView full post »