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DIY Smokey Bear Costume

Since I’ve been doing a lot of traveling this year – mostly to National Parks or areas near NationalView full post »

DIY Supermarket Sweep Costume

Please tell me some of you out there used to watch Supermarket Sweep back in the 90’s. (If youView full post »

DIY Dominos Costume

Keeping up with the theme of favorite childhood activities from yesterday’s costume, today we’re doing aView full post »

DIY Nesting Doll Costume

I can remember sitting at my grandparents house as a kid with their nesting doll spending so much time taking it apartView full post »

DIY Flower Pot Costume

We’re less than a week away from October! So we’re getting hyped up by having 90° weather (what?!) andView full post »

Sun-Maid Costume

Another Halloween costume coming at ya today! You might recognize this one from your pantry as a kid. I always lovedView full post »

DIY Dozen Donuts Costume

One donut is good but some days you just need a dozen donuts. And now you can eat a dozen donuts while you put togetherView full post »

DIY Rock, Paper, Scissors Costume (& Printable!)

For the party-poopers that hate dressing up for Halloween or the procrastinators that will find this post an hourView full post »

DIY Taxidermy Deer Costume

First day of October is here and it’s appropriately 50 degrees out today so we’re getting into the fullView full post »

DIY Penny Costume

A little penny laying heads up on the sidewalk is too much for many superstitious walkers to pass by. We may have foundView full post »

DIY Paper Doll Costume

I loved paper dolls when I was little so when this costume idea came to mind, I was so excited! This is a great lastView full post »

Halloween Costumes >> Star Wars

This year for Halloween, Marla and I thought it would be fun to have our kids all dress up like Star Wars characters.View full post »

DIY Cuckoo Clock Costume

Yesterday, I shared 20 handmade Halloween costumes that I love! Today I’m sharing the costume that I made forView full post »

20 Handmade Halloween Costumes

Dressing up is probably one of the greatest things ever. I’ll never get too old for it. And Halloween is amazingView full post »

Minimal Christmas Tree

And just like that, a new month is here! Welcome November and all the holiday festivities! Today we’re joining up withView full post »